Hobnox demo

Kimmy mentioned that she had no idea how to use Hobnox, the virtual synth and beat box software which, I think, could be one of the most impressive web applications ever made.

So, because I think you’ll love it, I’ve done a quick demo video…

This DivX video should stream into your browser on a decent speed cable modem connection and play in your default media player, if not choose ‘Save As..’ from the right click menu and play it using VLC.

The trick to getting it all working is dragging and dropping outputs from the relevant synth or effect that you want to use, into a spare slot on the virtual mixer at the top of the screen. Once you’ve got levels and effects where you want them, you could capture your creation using something like Audio Hijack Pro, to get the whole stereo sample into your sequencer software of choice, or just edit it down into a theme for your podcast, a ring tone for your cell phone or just have a bit of good aold fashioned killing time fun with electronic music.


4 comments on “Hobnox demo

  1. Hi Jim,
    thanks so much for the great post and the cool video demonstration you did. We really appreciate your support here at Hobnox.
    cheers, David

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