That’s better!

My first attempt at making a Rasterized dotty picture thingy for my wall, it didn’t work out so well because I ran out of ink and the printer wasn’t calibrated properly.

So I fixed all that and LOOK!!!


7 comments on “That’s better!

  1. Wowz! Looks awesome. My boyfriend tried to do that Rastafarian-whatever-you-call-it thing but the printer margins wouldn’t align correctly and it kept missing big chunks of the person’s face.

  2. Yeah it does tend to bring out the bastard in your printer if it happens to be one of the models which doesn’t like printing in a dead straight line. I had to sit for about 2 hours with a guillotine aligning the edge of every page before it was ready to be put on the wall – but if you spend that time as you can see, it’s worth it.

    Another tip I would give is this. DON’T try and work out which part of the picture you’re looking at when you’re up close, because your eyes WILL deceive you and you WILL mix up all the pieces and spend an hour trying to put it all together again. Just truth that the printer has done the pages in the right order and REMEMBER HOW MANY PAGES ACROSS AND HOW MANY PAGES DOWN YOUR PEICE IS before you click “Go” on the Rasterbator, because working it out again afterwards is a nightmare!

    Xx Have fun!

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