Coldplay suck so bad it hurts

Couldn’t write a song to save his life and everyone behaves as if he’s the saviour of the British music industry.
Coldplay are everything I utterly hate about pseudo-serious music. Vomit inducing nothing melodies made “atmospheric” with expensive reverb plug-ins and pitch correction. I’d hope for their tour bus to crash but they’d only be replaced by something even fucking worse.


3 comments on “Coldplay suck so bad it hurts

  1. Thank you. I’ve wondered how the hell this band got so famous (then again, I don’t understand how anyone can eat at McDonalds). Just looking at Chris Martin makes my teethe ache they way they do when I look at a basket of bad Easter candy. I’ve irritated friends by walking out of bars if I hear one of their songs. Elevator music for our times.

  2. If you were to write down the mathematical formula used to churn out this sort of SHIT, it would look much more beautiful as a calculation than it sounds as audible frequencies.

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