Taking Liberties

From the copy: “This polemical and irreverent film examines how our fundamental rights are being systematically undermined in the current climate of fear.”

On the day when David Davis resigned as shadow home secretary, on a point of principal, in the light of yesterdays vote in the commons on extending the time police can hold suspected terrorist for 42 days without charge, described by Tony Benn as the day Magna Carta was torn up, this occasionally humorous film looks at how, since September 11th 2001, the British and the American government have gradually taken away our hard won freedoms and legal rights in the name of the war for oil.. ..sorry, “on terror”.

Featuring interviews with soldier guards at Guantanamo Bay, former detainees, leaders and politicians, pressure groups and spokespersons from both sides of the debate surrounding the need to live in security and the right to live in true freedom from the tyranny of our own government.

Watch in fullscreen


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