Opera 9.5 released

Opera has been beavering away as the mobile browser of choice for smart phone handsets and palm-tops for a while now; making Windows Mobile devices almost bearable to use as a portable internet device.

The birth of the iPhone and it’s inclusion of (despite it’s many issues) the best browser money can’t buy, Safari, has meant Firefox and Opera have had to raise their game in terms of speed and functionality.

On the desktop and laptop, older versions of Opera is one of those browsers you’re initially impressed with, rather like Flock, but ultimately can’t quite commit to switching to full time for one or two seemingly minor reasons; certain functions don’t work as expected or inexplicable crashing, for example.

It’s loaded with cool features, like being able to inspect the background properties of a page you’re on in the sidebar, skinning – so the browser fits the look and feel of your chosen desktop theme. There’s also a full complement of useful widgets.

Version 9.5 builds on all of these customisation features in a fast loading, easy to use way which I can definitely see myself using more often now that Opera does appear to have fixed some of the bugs which plagued it before, and appears now to be giving Firefox a run for its money in terms of integrating better with the slick Mac OS X look and feel, including the support of drag and drop between other applications which Firefox has yet to master.

Try Opera 9.5 for Mac, Linux and Windows now…


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