I can see why women fancy him

It’s de-rigeuer these days for women to be open about their attraction to other women. There is a huge difference between a women finding another women pretty or beautiful and her being sexually enamoured with her; although the latter does also tend to be more common than with men. Non-homosexual men don’t suddenly see from across the room the man who they’d convert for in the same way many previously straight female friends of mine have done when they realised they were in love with another woman.

There are, of course, perfectly good evolutionary reasons for this not happening so much in the male species. Despite much better social acceptance of homosexuality as a perfectly normal aspect to someone’s genetic make-up, gay men are still in the minority. Complex though the reasons for this are, in the main, it can be said that straight men don’t dress to impress other men; whereas women often go out of their way to wear a particular outfit they know their female friends will like or even be envious of. Women, in other words, don’t necessarily dress for the purpose of attracting the opposite sex, as much as they dress to show off to, or even warn other females that they mean business; whereas men would quite happily wear the same outfit every day, if they knew it wasn’t going to affect their chances of getting some pussy.

‘The peacock’s tale’ in Richard Dawkins’ excellent book ‘The Ancestor’s Tale’ summarises the taxonomy of our need to display ourselves much better than I can paraphrase here, but that is not the point of today’s main entry in any case. No, today is put your money where your mouth is day, in response to many of your suggestions that I feature a few sexy men for a change, in my shameless link baiting scheme.

For those who don’t know – in the last couple of weeks I’ve been posting articles wholly designed to attract passing trade who look for obvious, usually sex orientated key-words in blog search engines like bloglines and Google’s Blog Search.

It’s also my honest attempt at saying what some men find very difficult to say, despite it being perfectly normal to do so, that men can see why in this so-called metrosexual age, some men are more attractive than others – without it meaning that they are sexually attracted to those men.

There is, you might notice, a gaping huge hole in the English vocabulary for words that men can use to describe other men in flattering terms which are not feminised or used by the homosexual community. A man can say that another man is ‘handsome’, but that’s about it – before you start getting into words that have a sexual connotation. Where from the opposite perspective, it would be perfectly normal for a woman to describe another straight women as ‘beautiful’, or ‘sexy’ or even ‘stunning’.

Well as the saying goes, a picture tells a thousand words. So here’s some guys who I can see why you ladies like… …not that I would suck ’em off or owt :)

Daniel Day Lewis. – The greatest actor of our time, after Bob De Niro.
George Clooney. Let’s face it, at his age, all men want to look like that.
Brad Pitt. He dumped Rachel to get off with Lara Croft and he can totally act. Fucking jammy twat.
Johnny Depp. Makes amazing films with a former Monty Python genius in-between boning Vanessa Paradise. I hate him!
Chris Cornell. He invented a whole new genre of rock music and let Nirvana take the credit for it, rather than ending up like Kurt Cobain. He is a God.


6 comments on “I can see why women fancy him

  1. Never saw whatever in Pitt. On the other hand, Matt Damon, now that he’s lost the baby face – and is more and more a fine actor, does make me a happy lass. and Johnny Depp, since Ed Wood, too. Johnny can do leadin man + loopy. And Clooney is suave-o plus smart as hell.Come to think of it, I have to confess. Size matters, and I REALLY like a guy with a big brain.

  2. Well, Hawking apparently does have his groupies (I believe he left his first wife for one of his caregivers). But sorry, Stevie’s not my type. I just mean that good looks alone really don’t do it for me; wit and intelligence go really far (and my definition of attractive is generous.)

  3. Honestly, the only one who even holds my interest is Johnny Depp, and if I was 20 years older, Clooney.

    My top 5 is a rather shallow list: I don’t usually pay much attention to celebrity types offscreen personalities or charity work; its either because they are attractive, have musical talent, or are amazing at their craft.

    Read about it here: http://www.xanga.com/kaybee322

  4. after going off to write my blog, i realized my list was not shallow at all… my top 5 are there for very specific reasons. you can see photos and my list at my blog :)

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