Design people do have an annoying way of saying things like “letting the materials talk in a different language” without realising they sound like a douche. They so caught up in the permanent mode of using vocabulary which sells themselves, their ideas and their department within a department of a huge company that they soon forget that using marketing in-speak in regular conversation grinds on us normal folk and sounds phoney.

BUT, in the case of this particular project, BMW really are letting the materials they use to build the cars we will be driving in the near future dictate an entirely new direction in product design.

Let’s face it, the guy in this video has the best job in the world. Anyone who ever put pen to paper as a child and thought, “When I grow up, I want to design cars”, knows only too well that feeling of having no boundaries on the imagination; “I can make it look as cool as I want to and it’ll still be fast!”

Of course, in the real world, all sorts of considerations come along and colour the way the final design will work. However, using new materials and cutting edge computer aided design, BMW’s GINA concept brings those child-like dreams of a car that literally morphs and moulds itself into new forms, into life.

If any of BMW’s previous concept cars are anything to go by we should begin to see Gina’s influence in the design of their real world street machines sometime soon. How good is that?!

Thanks to Lucy for this link.


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