Officially the best caller ever on Atheist Nation


4 comments on “Officially the best caller ever on Atheist Nation

  1. As a teacher, I’ve learned over the years that many people can answer their own questions. The problem is they don’t know how to listen (to themselves OR other people).

  2. It’s also a testament to how much of a special case people are prepared to make in defending what they believe to be right; how much of a pedestal the virus of faith has been able to elevate itself onto when powered by the illusion of choice.

    No one would dream of having such a long and on going, one sided and ultimately futile argument about Football or Tennis, Formula 1 or Cricket; yet everyone who is a fan of one and not the other will argue their sport is the ultimate in athletic agility – but not to the point of defending the argument that one is more physically demanding than the other against those who say that F1 is therefore the only true sport which anyone should be allowed to follow BECAUSE the others are PROVEN to be detrimental to cardiovascular fitness.

    It sounds silly when you put it like that – in the context of another ‘faith’ – but that’s exactly the sort of rhetoric we allow religious people to get away with and actually defend their right to use against reason, not in the interest of free speech, but in the fear of offending them if we do otherwise – and that’s what I find so objectionable. That we should be physically fearful of people who are motivated to harm us by nothing more than the thoughts in their head, which can be proven time and again to be almost directly derived from medieval superstitions about devils and goblins.

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