Google reader

CaptionAs a follow up to the below article, which I forget to include, on RSS and podcasts – I should also mention that Google Reader is also an excellent cross platform RSS aggregator which works in any browser (though probably not very well in Internet Explorer).

Google Reader enables you to add your RSS feeds to one unified page, which you might also add to your live bookmarks toolbar (more on those later) and, similarly, make an RSS feed out of your chosen subscriptions – so others can, in turn, subscribe to your feeds. Edit: Turns out this does not work as yet.

It’s easier to see than it is to explain and there are a bunch of Google Reader tutorials and walkthroughs out there, which are much more explicative than this – but you get the idea, right?

I’ve added an RSS feed button in the side bar here to my Google Reader RSS feed so you can click it and get an idea of how it might work for you.

More info:


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