We interrupt this story…

Far be it from me to interrupt the happy head joy thoughts floating around me and Lucy after a great weekend away, but I saw this and just wanted to do whatever I could to make sure my American friends see it, before they vote this November…

Knowing what I know about Americans, having lived there, I know how serious an issue it is to challenge someone’s patriotism – so the closing seconds of this Ron Paul endorsed clip are particularly brutal – but, when you think about it – entirely fair game, if this joker seriously wants to be the next president of the world’s most powerful nation.


7 comments on “We interrupt this story…

  1. I’m not voting for McCain, ever. I have to research Obama, and I’d prefer to always, always vote for Ron Paul. I want my vote to go towards what I WANT for my country, not the lesser of two evils, which is the line of shit that’s usually sold to convince people to pick one of the two parties. Look, democrats and republicans… really aren’t that dissimilar. Now, I would consider voting for Obama just to make sure that filth of McCain never sees the White House, but I need to research more of his ideas. I’m a lot better than most Americans (its like pulling teeth to discuss political views) in that I have researched my ideas about taboo topics like abortion, death penalty, taxes, socialized medicine, separation of church and state, and I know well enough that Ron Paul would be 99.5% compatible with what this country really needs to become the olympic torch version of democracy.
    As an Obama supporter, are there any clips you could direct me to where I could learn his stances in more detail?
    Thanks :)

  2. That’s the 60 billion dollar question Kimmy. His actual policy on the important issues are only just beginning to emerge. In other words, stay tuned!

  3. I did go to his website and looked up the following issues: education, economy, healthcare, taxes. I kept thinking as I was reading, “well, that’s a nice idea, but how are you going to PAY for that?” With Ron Paul, the answer was pretty cut and dry: Cut government spending by cutting cabinets and wasteful pork projects, and eliminate the IRS. I still have no idea how Barack plans to afford some of these initiatives he’s proposed, and the Libertarian capitalist in me thinks, the government needs to get its hands OUT of so many businesses and let the PEOPLE decide the prosperity of businesses.

  4. But surely that’s just an unrealistic Republican fantasy? Who, out of the many who have said that less government works better, have actually proven that it is the best long term policy? Margaret Thatcher tried to make it work here in the 80s and for a while it seemed ideal – then someone pointed out how many people had to rot in hell so that the upper third could live like kings.

  5. Less government does work better, because when individual people have a stake in their own conditions, they tend to try to find the best quality for lowest cost conditions. I think it would be a boon if children had vouchers that they could take to any school. It would be a much better situation for people. Now people have to go to a school if its in their district. Well, what if you live in my old job’s school district, where the education was pathetic in comparison to the district across the road? How fair is it to say to all those kids, sorry, you have to suffer piss poor education. If the district across the road is doing a better job, let them use all that extra money they’re getting from all these incoming kids, to afford more teachers and build more classrooms.
    Let doctors and patients directly negotiate the cost of healthcare. Doctors know what their patients need, and patients want to know upfront what the cost of treatment is. For patients that are destitute, let doctors be willing to figure out arrangements for repayment, which may or may not be cash… that’s for doctors to figure out. I thought doctors were supposed to be a service career, not affording their Porsche. Anyway, get healthcare companies out of the mix. They’re nothing but a lawyer meddling around in the privacy of patients and doctors. And if the doctor is bad? Sure, sue their pants off — I guarantee they’ll never be able to practice again, and nobody in the area would ever trust him again, people would go out of their way to spread ‘don’t trust this guy’ messages. Geez, I had a bad experience with a VET my first time, and when I came home I sought out bulletin boards and his yahoo business site and left very specific comments about the quality of service.
    Don’t even get me started on what is wrong with the welfare system.

  6. My slow reply is not that I am ignoring you. I’m watching and waiting to form an opinion on this, tethered to a program on economics by Adam Curtis I’d like you to watch called The Century of Self. It’s on Google Video.

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