Beautiful, natural big boobs and other shameless link bait

Remember when I blogged about strange fetishes and I promised to report back on how including certain words in the tags, article and title affected my blog traffic? Well it’s been a while since the experiment began now and I can say that particular test article is my second most popular of all time.

The GREAT thing about it, is that some of those who discovered my little corner of the wordpress thanks to such shameless tactics, do appear to be sticking around for more of what this site is actually all about – so, in short, IT WORKED!

AND just so I can’t be accused of failing to deliver on my promises, here’s a lady who matches the title of this entry so well, it’s as if I did it deliberately!

Mrs. Jonathan Ross, Jane Goldman, is a bit too superstitious for my tastes. She hosts a TV show on a Living TV that investigates white witchcraft and other new-age mumbo jumbo. Having said that, however, she does have three very attractive things going for her.

One, her bright red hair is flippin nuts! Nutty birds are cool.
Two, she has nice teeth.
Three.. ..well, just see for yourself!


5 comments on “Beautiful, natural big boobs and other shameless link bait

  1. Ok, now equal time for the girls. How bout some beefcake? Plus, teh geihs (as we call them on Gawker)really do like the internets. Talk about page views…

    oh, and I meant to send you this last time you did the kink post. Tom Lehrer, if you don’t know, was a math professor at MIT and is one of the funniest men who ever lived.(Still alive, too)

  2. Lee, what a great find with Tom Lehrer! I loved the songs… he’s way ahead of his time, the audience doesn’t seem to always know how to react with some, like Poisoning Pigeons In the Dark.

    Here’s a link to his song “Smut! Give me Smut” which I thought fit the theme of this blog post ;)

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  4. I had a thoughtful comment, but I seem to forgotten it as all the blood has rushed out of my brain and I’m mesmerized by the huge boobs.

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