Well, I’m definitely going to be on telly.

I spoke to a researcher at Channel 4 television again today, after she called me to confirm they wanted a video clip from me and that they will also be calling me on Saturday the 7th for a phone interview as part of the taping for “The TV Show”, which this month is highlighting ‘In God’s Name’, the program shown on C4 a few weeks ago on the subject of Christian fundamentalism in UK politics and public life, on which I blogged earlier.

I promised I’d try and have something under 10 megabytes in her mailbox by tomorrow and that it’d be sufficiently antagonistic as to warrant attention from the god heads, so as I have a right to reply they’ll also be calling me while the studio audience are debating.

I’m pretty nervous about saying the right thing without appearing bitter or aggressive. Laura the researcher said that she had put me on a database of people who would be contacted again in the future when these sorts of topics are covered, so wish me luck!

I’ll post any details as I get them on when it’ll be aired and so on and, naturally, I’ll try and record it myself and post a clip here. According to eyetv.co.uk the show goes out live on the 7th at 15:35 GMT


2 comments on “Well, I’m definitely going to be on telly.

  1. I’ll be recording it on my Mac TV recorder thingy and it’ll be on 4OD (which admittedly neither of us can use because it sucks) AND you can watch it in the pub while I use their phone to get a better line than I’d get on my mobile.

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