How to make good looking YouTube clips

I’ve been getting into a relatively new video podcast from Revision3 recently, called Tekzilla.

It’s presented by Veronica Belmont and Patrick Norton, of This Week in Tech and Buzz Out Loud fame and, apart from their slightly annoying, overly friendly presentational style, there is a lot of substantive info and gear news in there to keep you happy.

A tip I gleaned from the latest episode is something that I’ve been meaning to find out about myself recently, so I’m passing it on here – because I seem to remember someone asking me about this a while back and I didn’t follow up in much detail as promised.

Now that (certain) YouTube clips are also available in higher definition (not quite true HD, but vastly improved on the standard pixelated fair of old), what is the best type of file to upload for the highest quality results? Caption says it all…

If your video camera or webcam doesn’t allow you to change the quality settings, not to worry. You can upscale or ‘transcode’ the video using something like VisualHub, FFMpegX or VLC – the latter two of which are open source and therefore platform agnostic – so there’s no tears for those of you who still don’t own a Mac.

If you do own a Mac of course, you can also use the built-in Quicktime video player, to export in any video format you choose.

There’s also an article on YouTube about optimising your video for good looking playback…


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