In God’s name: Follow-up

I’ve never heard of “The TV Show” on Channel 4, but a researcher called Jodie, from the program, has been in touch with me after she read that I had blogged about ‘In God’s Name‘, the influence of Christian fundamentalists in British politics, a documentary shown on Channel 4 which I also wrote about here.

She has invited me to be in the studio audience for a debate on the program and the subject in general next month, but I’m nowhere near London and, in fact, that very weekend will be in the Lake District playing travel scrabble in a tent with Lucy.

I have offered to make a short video clip to be used instead, which she has said would be “great”. So, I’d appreciate some sage advice on how to be concise on a range of opinions. They’ll probably edit down anything more than 30 seconds long, so put your thinking caps on and give me some feedback on what to say in a short time as possible.

Alternativly, if you’re in London on the 7th of June, please let me know in the comments below and I’ll forward your details to Jodie.

Thanks guys!


One comment on “In God’s name: Follow-up

  1. Wow, very cool… hmm… I dunno what advice to give you… I guess just outline one very specific point you want to make and give two or three evidences behind it, without going into too much explanation. I think a lot of intelligent people get into explaining their opinion and get stuck on their first bit of evidence. Make your thesis, say your supports, and if there’s time left, you can elaborate. That way, if they edit you, they don’t miss any important parts, and also, you’re basically handing them a snippet on a silver platter. I don’t know about journalism in the UK, but in US it’s basically, “can you say that in 10 words or less?” If you can fit your thought into a headline, people print it.

    On another note, it must be a slow news day: today they were reporting on a rich highschool who’s valedictorian plaigarized (sp?) her graduating speech… blah blah blah… Seriously! How many people died of starvation and hunger today? And I care about a valedictorian? COme On!

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