I’ve quit smoking

As of today I no longer buy or smoke cigarettes. With the money I save I can see a lot more of Lucy. I’ll have more energy to go back to the gym (something I’ve been promising myself for ages). I’ll eat better and sleep at normal times. It’s a win, win, win.

Don’t get me wrong, I like a smoke – and the occasional joint, but after a full and frank heart to heart with one of my best mates last night, we both resolved to just pack it all in and stop the self imposed abuse once and for all.

I’m going to knock mid-week drinking on the head too. I’m not the oldest man in the world and I’m not incredibly unfit either, but I could be fitter and I’m not getting any younger – so it’s just time to do that thing and start feeling better about myself physically and mentally.

Lucy’s been given permission to never speak to me again – let alone give me anything else – if I smoke another cigarette – and here I am making it publicly known. So there’s no hiding now.

Quitted. Ended. Stopped. HAPPY!!


4 comments on “I’ve quit smoking

  1. How much is a pack now in Blighty? In Spain I can get a local brand for about 2.65€ (one pack every 10 days, I swear). In New York they’re $8-9.

    Back in the day (early 80’s) I was up to 3 packs a day. I quit cold one day and saved enough money in a year to quit my job.Anyway, congratulations lad. And welcome to middle age.

  2. Oh it’s all to do with age, I have to admit. I’m getting into that zone where slightly older friends of mine are on medication and going into hospital and having “conditions”.

    Do not want.

    So, it’s healthy time for old Jim. Wish me luck – I’ll be documenting my progress on video.

  3. Good for you :) That’s quite inspiring — as it so happens, I’m similarly trying to get back to the ol’ healthy Kim. Where will you be posting video? I might use traineo.com for stats and info.

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