Let’s have a mass debate

I’d like for me and Lucy to get drunk with everyone who comes and comments here regularly. It’s almost getting weird that some of the nicest people I’ve ever known have never actually met.

I hope that this summer I can take Lucy to the festival of the sun in Cornwall and maybe even squeeze in a walk up Hellvellen and the odd camping trip to some of the UK’s best bits – it would be TOPS if others who regularly read about me, myself and mine could join in at some point (ooer, not like that you understand).

I know we’re all spread out (that’s what she said) geographically – but if you could either leave comments below or e-mail on dates you’re at least ‘technically’ available to travel to the UK (or have me and Lucy come and fly out to where ever you are and eat your food / crash on your couch / spare bed) then that’d be kewl n’all.

If it looks like we might be able to do something, I’ll start a Google shared document so everyone who is interested can pin on the map and leave notes on places they’d like to go in the UK, so we can be your guides et cetera.

So, if you want in, let’s just start by getting some opinions on the realistic practicalities of doing it and see where it leads.

Also – on an entirely unrelated subject, but I just HAVE to know. How DO people with no arms masturbate? I can sort of see how a well placed firm cushion might give a decent lady rub; a frot, if you will – but how do disabled guys manage to clap out a nice one-some? How, in other words, do you do it with no hands?

Anyway – if that hasn’t completely distracted your thoughts for the day, have a think about how we might all meet up and get in touch!


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