Lucy Kibble, she’s totally flippin’ cosmic

I know what you’re thinking – how did a weirdo like me end up with the most beautiful girl in the world? I honestly have no idea – but this past weekend together was so ace, it’s annoying.

What can I say. My mate Allan married the love of his life, Lucy got to meet just about every last one of my friends and extended family (albeit all at once and under disco circumstances so I doubt she’ll remember any of their names) and we got a chance to look around Newcastle upon Tyne, where I used to live – but which has changed so much since then it was all fairly new to me too.

I’m writing this just after dropping her at the train station – and still not knowing if Lucy is going to be able to catch her connecting train OK – which is worrying me a bit – but I’m sure everything will work out fine and dandy.

How can I count the ways?


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