Ron Paul says it all

I suspect this is a rather old recording, but Mr. Paul, despite having some very odd views on certain issues, can’t be faulted for his assertion in this speech that NeoCons are not the true face of the Republican party movement or an echo of the vast majority of its member’s and voters views.

It’s a real shame this guy ran out of money, really.


3 comments on “Ron Paul says it all

  1. His books are great. I’m picking up his manifesto this week. Ron Paul is an honest, honest guy. Even though the guy is Republican and would never himself HAVE a gay marraige, SMOKE a joint or SNORT crack, he would never take liberties away from others. The government is there to PROTECT liberties, not to take them away because of church laws, which is all the drug war or lack of equality in civil rights, is anyway.

    Because of Ron Paul’s success, Bob Barr is the announced Libertarian Candidate for 2008. If I can’t vote for Ron Paul on my ballot, I will vote for Barr or Obama.

    Oh, — ron paul didn’t run out of money — and he is pushing for a speaking slot at the republican national convention where delegates will vote on the nominee. Although McCain has enough delegates to win, the recent primary in Pennsylvania, Paul had 20% of the Republican vote. That means of the registered Republicans in Pennsylvania, 20% of them would rather vote for Ron Paul than McCain.

    I’m telling you, the republicans are dividing and wisening up. The neocons have a big voice on the radio and so it SOUNDS like they’re still the main voice in America, but people are wisening up, and are sick America playing policeman. I desperately wish some scandal comes out about McCain that will drive more people away from him, and I’m crossing my fingers that Obama takes the Democratic nominee position.

    Ron Paul, however, is still the only candidate I can support who has tested ideas that will make a legitimate change for the good of the world…. wasn’t it Americans that said Give me Liberty or Give me Death!? Now it’s more like give me a rebate check and, ugh, i’m too lazy to follow through on the rest. Sorry, i’m not trying to be offensive, I just want people to rise, rise like Amy Allen, rise up, Start A Revolution! Break down illegal institutions! Ron Paul! Save the Constitution! Arise!

  2. There’s a British veteran socialist politician called Tony Benn, who was in the pre-Thatcher Labour government. He famously said, when resigning after a long career as an MP, that “I do so, to spend more time on politics”. He is now a big voice in human rights campaigns and freedom of speech rallies. I’d love to get him in a room with Ron Paul and listen to them set the world to rights. Even though Paul is a conservative and Benn is an old socialist, every time either of them speaks, I find it hard to disagree with a word they say.

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