Lydia on bass

This is another one of those if you look for it, you’ll find it moments, by the way. Only just this morning Lucy has been texting me about her lust for bass and, as if eavesdropping on my internal dialogue when deciding to send her something to get into, my mate Dave – who’s been playing me music which I’ve never heard before and immediately fell in love with for the best part of the last 20 years – calls me up and puts me onto this young lady…

I’m always blown away by those moments you can’t explain; where things appear to fall in line specifically to serve the will of the individual. You can see how some might call it the power of prayer. I call it having a mate called Dave who isn’t deaf – but, I digress.

You could do a lot worse than subscribing to Lydia’s channel on OooToob – some of her other clips are cool too and she’s a great player.


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