Gene Simmons out of Kiss, on Pamela’s couch.

Pamela Stevenson is married to Billy Connelly and is credited with sorting his head out (making him deeply unfunny). She is a clinical psychologist.

Gene Simmons is the front-man of one of the biggest bands of all time. He has “been sexual” with 4800 women.


3 comments on “Gene Simmons out of Kiss, on Pamela’s couch.

  1. sorry Pamila: Your interviewing talent is quite cold and meainingless. So sorry to be harsh. For an english bird, you have no sense of humor, as Gene mentioned (jump girl jump). Become more natural and you will flourish.

    Do really enjoy your interview with Gene, but feel like jumping in to explain what you are meaning to ask…if only you would show some expression & let Gene flow with the punches and let him illaborate on what he’s talking about, then you might get away with it….
    Lasha…formally of Toronto, Canada, newly to Glasgow, Scotland..XOXOXOXO

  2. Oh Dear, Gene Gene Gene It would have been a great for him to just drop the shield and be authentic for that just that hour.

    He’s more intelligent than this, much more. I would really have loved to hear more about his life story than all that other crap. For I too have been stuck in an elevator with men who’ve told me all this waffle. It was hard to watch

    Gene Genie we love you.

    The joke about Heaven is borrowed from an old comedian, but that’s okay.

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