Microsoft cooking the books

Gizmodo have a great story on how Microsoft plan on swindling the official numbers on sales of their failed operating system ‘Vista’, by allowing vendors like Dell to continue shipping Windows XP after the supposed cut-off date for availability.

Let’s just think about that for a second. You spend a billion million zillion on developing a new operating system. Then, when the deadline for release has been passed, TWICE, you realise if you’re ever going to avoid passing it a third time you’re going to have to remove all of the features which were supposed to bring it up to speed for the 21st century (by copying all the best bits of Mac OS and Linux).

So, defeated, you strip it down – making it nothing but a glorified version of XP – except one which requires expensive new hardware to work (the vendors of which have been telling you for years won’t work properly anyway) and THEN when people go, “Oh, no thanks, we’ll stick with the old one”, you say, “Oh, OK – we’ll call the old one Vista, so we don’t look bad”.

How on EARTH did they not think someone would notice? I mean Jesus!!!??

What a cheep and nasty little company Microsoft really are. I feel really sorry for people who have to use Windows, I really do.

This is beyond Apple Mac fanboy gloating, to be fair – it’s about utter corporate incompetence. There are whole areas of commerce which rely on that company being trust worthy enough to bring their best efforts to market and they’re just not capable of it anymore. It’s worrying.


2 comments on “Microsoft cooking the books

  1. I think this is going to be one for the Business school case study books in years to come, like the New Coke fiasco, or the Edsel, or Enron. It seems like corporate culture has this dead zone where everything goes wrong at one critical juncture and no one can stop the momentum or get everyone to see that something is screwed. Or it’s just pride, maybe.

  2. I don’t think Microsoft are being criminally negligent as in Enron – but I do think it’s fascinating that for the past year or two we’ve seen a massive campaign by Microsoft, which the broadcast networks and some of the major independent blogs and podcasts alike (diggnation, arstechnica) have gone along with, effectively saying “Hey, Bill Gates is a nice guy, but Microsoft suck”

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