All the proof you need that Windows Vista is dead

This picture was taken at a speech given by Bill Gates’ successor, Steve Ballmer at a Microsoft talk on Business Leadership.


9 comments on “All the proof you need that Windows Vista is dead

  1. And considering how batshit the corporate world is about protecting the brand, it’s amazing that no-one covered their asses, or covered the logo on the laptop.

  2. The fact is, it could well be running WIndows – but that’s not the point. He could’ve used a Dell or a HP or an ASUS or a Sony or ANY OTHER BRAND OF WINDOWS PC MONEY CAN BUY – but he chose an Mac Book Pro. The man in charge of Microsoft doesn’t use a PC. Could I MAKE it any clearer?

  3. Funny stuff. If there was a camera in my lounge room, footage of the last 6 months would make a great Mac vs. PC ad – my flatmate went out and bought a new laptop complete with Vista. After a whole lot of crashing and cursing he went back to my Imac desktop. He’s since downgraded to XP but can’t get on the net any more.

    I’m not trying to make any converts – most of my friends swear by Linux.

  4. YES! It is true! If you really can’t afford a Mac. Linux is, after-all, completely free and it runs on the computer you already own! Hmm, decisions, decision :)

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