I really fancy Lucy Kibble I do

I’ve just had a great chat with my mate Kimberly via Skype and I came away feeling guilty that I didn’t tell her my biggest news. And now that I’ve had a chance to think about it, I’ve decided to break the silence.

We were trying to keep it a sort of secret until we could just post a picture of each other together at last, but enthusiasm has taken the better of me and I just had to spurt it out (what can I tell you, I’m impetuous).

Lucy and I are exploring the possibility of being an item and I’m driving down to see her in Wales next week to spend a few days together just to see if “it” might be a good idea. No promises mind, so don’t go buying any nice hats just yet (Lee, Kim, Elelena – this means you!)

For those unfamiliar, going WAY back to the old blog, after the infamous ‘Pissed Catholic Mother’ YouTube video incident, Lucy has been posting and mailing me things which (and I hope this doesn’t embarrass her) have convinced me she is the cutest, funniest, most switched on person I’ve never met – and I just couldn’t, in all consciousness, NOT do something about that feeling – because you’re a long time dead, right?

Look at her go..

How could any boy not wish for a babe with a grin and brain like that? For fuck’s sake, she’s mega!

So, yes. Wish us luck! Lucy suggested a couple of days ago that I should re-post a comment I originally posted a while ago about my feelings for her and I suggested we just post something out of the blue next week instead – but as I write this, some of my American chums are on-line real-time (while here in the UK it is fuck off o’clock in the morning). So, sorry if this comes as a shock, Lucy, but.. ..hey.. You’re one of life’s winners and I want in!

Now give us a kiss, you naughty little bugger!!


6 comments on “I really fancy Lucy Kibble I do

  1. Awww! What a pretty smile!

    When’s the trip? I hope you have better weather than I do — Chicago can’t make up its mind if its Spring or Winter. Still.

  2. Yes, slightly embarassing, but I love it!!!
    It’s put me in a brilliant mood, i’m going to have a massive grin on my face for the rest of the day.

  3. >_< I reserve the right to cheer if I want to.

    ^_^ *hides the pompoms behind her back* Lucy, you’re adorable. I love your smile! I hope everything goes wonderfully.

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