Let’s all fuck with Ben Stein

The official MySpace page for Ben Stein’s pro-Creationist movie, ‘Expelled’ has a poll vote panel half way down the top of the left hand side, which to the question of “Should Intelligent Design be taught in schools” currently stands at 14020 ‘no’ votes, to a pitiful 34 ‘not sure’ and a staggering 644 ‘yes’.

If you’re of the MySpace persuasion (which I am famously not) you might like to spend a couple of moments reminding some of the gushing commentators who’ve been leaving their positive feedback on the page, that Charles Darwin specifically condemned the idea of artificially applying genetic selection to humans – a fact contained in numerous of his writings, which the movie deliberately excludes from all quotes, in order to equate advocates of the truth about how life on Earth evolved, with Nazis.



One comment on “Let’s all fuck with Ben Stein

  1. While I’d like to think that the 24 to 1 ratio against intelligent design is heartening, remember that this is MySpace. I suspect most of the negative votes come from red state airheads who’d vote against just about anything with the word “intelligent” in it.Dude.

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