Prague Pics

The redesigned back-end to wordpress is a vast improvement on the old one, but there’s no easy way to make thumbnails link directly to the full size images, so sorry for all the clicking and the weird layout et cetera. I dread to think what this will look like in Internet Explorer, but none of you loverly people are using that anymore anyway, right?


12 comments on “Prague Pics

  1. Typical isn’t it? You send a postcard – it doesn’t arrive until a week after you get back. You take loads of pics – you can’t upload them until you get back anyway.


  2. Nice pix. Lovely city. Looks like it was a lot of fun. and yes, fuckin’ Vodafone. Makes me grateful for the crap that is Movistar, believe it or not.

  3. Chopin! Ooh! I downloaded the photo to try to read the captioning under the photo, and was a little disappointed it was too blurry to make out…. but wait a second? Was I expecting it to be in English? Love the buildings. I don’t know enough about architecture so I’m likely way off, but it reminds me of Salzburg, Austria. Something about the video — maybe that you were walking and the video wasn’t still, but I felt like I was really there, feeling the crisp air and seeing the grandness of it all. Thanks for sharing your adventure :)


  4. Now, now, James. Fernando Alonso is a saint in Spain. If you ever show up here, better watch your mouth. The asturianos are tough and they’ll bloody lynch you.

  5. Oooh. Prague. Nice pics! ^_^ Well done. It looks like you enjoyed yourself.

    *wants to go to Prague* :/
    … And I want that car. *lusts*

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