What a weekend! I didn’t get to know all of the groom’s mates as well as I’d have liked, but some of the lads I did meet are top fellas. We had a mega big piss-up party!

Apart from the drinking and the topless dancers (who may have stunning good looks, but were all too thin, shaven and baked in fake tan for my tastes) Prague is a beautiful city. I gave myself half a day of walking around on my own, just snapping photos on my phone, while the lads were watching Sunderland get stuffed two nil at St. James Park. I’ll be posting the pics later (once my phone is charged up and allowing me to use BlueTooth).

The thing about Prague which makes it such an ideal weekend destination, is that it’s only an hour or so flight from the UK and has a mix of everything Brits on the piss would want, right around the corner from the stuff of a nice, relaxing break for couples – who just want to eat nice food, look at ancient buildings and round it all off with a nice quiet spot in the park to have a feel on a picnic blanket.

Minor negative side; I did not like the tense atmosphere which exists between some of the street hustlers. You can see how more violent groups of lads, suddenly confronted with a gang of black dudes, telling them (not asking) to go to a particular club, might pose a problem. Their well trotted out line of “you come with me, pussy, free beer” isn’t exactly in the tourist information brochures. But if you take the time to ask them the score, chat and have a laugh, they lighten up to a certain degree – even if they remain determined to sell you a bag of nettles, which they swear blind is actually the finest skunk.

On Saturday night myself and Chris (my bezzy mate and Allan the groom’s brother) ended up with Les, their Dad and (mind is a blank) some of the other lads in a bar just up from the hotel, which was decorated to resemble the inside of that women’s prison on that Australian soap opera they used to show at 3 in the morning on ITV.

The bartender got as pissed as we did and ended up getting the beers in for everyone. He got his guitar out and me and Les had a bit singsong. Dead good. I like playing guitar at shite o’clock in the morning while utterly fucked on what the locals drink.

Women wise, I was surprisingly well behaved. Either that or too pissed to chat anyone up – although I did do a king dare and try to get stuck into a women easily in her 70’s. Someone has a camera phone pic of it all somewhere. Dear oh dear.

If you’re ever in Prague, be prepared to have a weirdly great time – just don’t take any hang-ups with you. You have to just go for it – we certainly did!


5 comments on “Prague

  1. It wasn’t that I chickened out, it was just that there wasn’t any birds who were my type. A couple of girls who were asking if I wanted a dance said that they get a lot of requests for plump (normal) girls, but the management won’t hire ’em – so, there you go!

  2. I look forward to the photos. I’ve only ever seen Prague in postcards and maybe a few aerial shots of the city skyline… I think. It’s good you were able to strike a nice balance, between being pissed (am I saying that correctly? trying to use your lingo), taking in the sights, and seeing boobies! lol I would have been totally terrified if there were pushers around though…. did I ever tell you about the time someone tried to pick me up in Germany as a hooker? Nein! Kein rauchen! Nein, kein taxi. Nein, ich will NICHT mit dir gehen! Rotlicht? *ICH?*

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