I’m off on a stag do

I’m flying out to Prague for my mate Alan’s stag party, this weekend. I say my mate, he’s actually my mate’s brother – but I get on well with the guy and it should be a cool few days away.

I’ll hopefully be able to roam with my mobile provider, without it costing too much to micro-blog. So stay tuned to my mobile site RSS feed for some pics from inside the Czech Republic. wOOt!


3 comments on “I’m off on a stag do

  1. Oh, dear. We get a lot of these marauding Brit bachelor parties here in Europe. Please promise me you’ll confine your hell-raising to drinking and debauching, and no parading through the streets with matching t-shirts or baseball caps with foam rubber boobs on them. And take lots of photos.

  2. I don’t think any of the other lads who are going are up for that sort of a thing and I know I’m certainly not. But, yes, we Brits do have something of a reputation for being.. ..what’s the word? Fucking arse holes, when we go abroad?

  3. Oh, don’t just blame your own kind. Hen parties from Sweden and Norway seem to be particularly dangerous (and loud. And they could drink you and your mates under the table and dance on it).I think that a lot of the British do guzzle themselves legless has something to to with it though. A friend of mine just came back from a few days in Prague and said it’s lovely. So keep your eyes open at least part of the time.

    Though I still don’t understand getting married.

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