Thank god for a lack of priests

I was delighted to hear on the Radio 4 news today that the catholic church is launching a recruitment drive, in the face of falling numbers wishing to enter the priesthood.

The reason being given; the breakdown in “family values”. This in the same week that the Vatican issued a press statement, saying the Pope will not be meeting with representatives of the 11,000 victims of clerical sexual abuse, on his trip to the United States, because they are a “Media exaggeration”.

I would like to think the general awareness of how these abuse cases were consistently made worse by a decades long policy of covering up the problem has played a role in the low new priest numbers. But I do concede that it is likely as much to do with the rise in a pop culture which supplants the hero warrior gods of ancient folklore, with reality TV presenters and their birthing habits, which is to blame.

Perhaps the church would be better off focusing their efforts on helping and encouraging individuals within the organisation, who have been struggling for most of their lives to bring the church up to date, to no avail. The moderate voice of compassionate christianity has being almost completely ignored by the current Pope, dating back to his days as Karol Wojtyla’s right hand man, who’s hatred of liberation theology broke down somewhat when it suited his attitude towards Poland.

Perhaps if it were no longer a greater sin for a married couple to use a condom, than it is for a rape victim to have an early term chemical abortion, rationally minded people might see a role for themselves working in the community on the problems of teenage pregnancy, youth violence and knife culture. I’m sure secular free thinkers and catholics alike can agree we need to work together on all of these problems with a single purpose, dedicated towards personal responsibility of the individual, and away from a system which teaches subservience to the will of an external, supernatural force.


8 comments on “Thank god for a lack of priests

  1. He’s on his way to the US for a stadium tour, or whatever you call it when it’s a Popester. And I can’t for the life of me understand how anyone cares about what he says-

  2. On: “I’m sure secular free thinkers and catholics alike can agree we need to work together on all of these problems with a single purpose, dedicated towards personal responsibility of the individual, and away from a system which teaches subservience to the will of an external, supernatural force”

    That’s supposed to be Sex ed, but ‘abstinence only’ is taught in schools. What responsibility is that teaching? It has always come across as parents/schools/the state telling you what you can and cannot do with your own body. This is my libertarian streak, but sorry, I think adults should be able to do whatever they want with their bodies so long as it doesn’t harm someone else. It is not the state responsibility, nor my taxpaying dollars, to nanny your crotch.

    Let’s be realistic: teach the kids how to use a condom for god’s sakes. I’m not saying ‘kids will do it anyway’, because that’s denigrating as well: people may wait a long, long, long time before losing their virginity, and its not for pregnancy/std worries either because a condom solves most of those issues simply — they simply were not ready and knew themselves well enough to know when they WERE ready. Yeah, I know folks can ‘think’ they’re ready when they really aren’t, but the penalties are in the action if you make a reckless choice — you get pregnant, or you get your feelings hurt, or you’re a homewrecker — whatever the situation, you get my drift. But to be so foolish as to teach all the plumbing, all of the brain chemistry, DENY masturbation as an alternative, and then expect horny teenagers to stay abstinent, is, insane!

  3. There’s nothing like being told by an adult that you shouldn’t do something, to virtually guarantee as a teenager you’re going to do it anyway. The abstinence brigade are wilfully burying their heads in the sand about this simple fact of life – and the biggest champion of this cause are the kings of denial themselves, the Catholic church.

    If as a secular society we can’t make the catholics realise their unique obligation in the developing world to do something about this, then it really must be time to look at the tax free status many of these religious institutions enjoy, which is justified simply because they claim to be performing a spiritual service, even on behalf of people who don’t believe in any of that nonsense in the first place.

    The arrogance of ignorance.

  4. Yeah, Ian and I were discussing this last night… is not tax-exemption of religions STATE-ENDORSED religion? Who’s to say this is a religion, and this is a cult? I’d like my piano teaching business to be a religion to avoid taxes. I had to write a check yesterday for 594 to the federal government (last year it was far worse). Interestingly, I’m getting a $600 check back as a part of the economic stimulus package.

    I gave 594,
    I get 600.


    Now, were I a religion, the ethereal sound of music guides our spirits through major and minor faults in the grand scale of life. Come on, I can be poetic. This is easy shit. Why do THOSE nutballs get to keep their hard-earned swindlings? I work hard and actually give a useful service, errr… sermon! My lessons are sermons! Hail to Bartolomeo Christoforte, Creator of the 88 Keys!

  5. Saw this headline on another blog.

    “Pope Benedict XVI heads to US to heal sex scandal wounds”

    So, they’re making KY Jelly with cortisone now?

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