If you don’t want to watch hot lesbo action, don’t click this link

I have a mate who believes that, in the future, it will be possible to immerse yourself so fully into interactive applications, mail order sperm will be the normal way for individuals to reproduce and that human sexuality will take on an entirely different role in our lives.

In this future, how sex is performed physically will be geared more towards fantasy than the reality of today; which is, let’s be honest, a mish-mash of trying not to bang your knee on the hard wooden ridge down the side of the chair, half way through the vinegar strokes, than it is about actual real deal, orgasmic, Earth moving belladonic boinking.

For now, sadly, interactive sex is limited to being a glorified marketing vehicle for sexy playtime outfits, but on this evidence I can’t say that’s necessarily a bad thing…

If you don’t want to watch hot lesbo action, don’t click this link

Yes, they are only faking it, but come the interactive immersion AI revolution, I’d like to put my name down NOW, to be plugged in to play the part of the brunette – while Danni Minogue and Jennifer Saunders watch.. ..obviously!


6 comments on “If you don’t want to watch hot lesbo action, don’t click this link

  1. Other stuff should be advertised like that.
    Perhaps cleaning wouldn’t feel like such a chore if the Cilit Bang advert had Barry Scott fucking his girlfriend from every angle while telling us how the product removes limescale and soap scum.
    I’d buy it.

  2. Depends on how you react to media. I love cooking programs but sex porn leaves me cold. I love to look at clothes on the rack but fashion magazines put me to sleep. On the other hand a serious phone conversation with someone I care about is as important as one face to face. Modern dance and football use the same physical movement, but I prefer Alvin Ailey to Arsenal. The options are expanding, but we’ll still react very diferently as individuals.

  3. I thought it was going to be you could push a button and they would do xyz to each other…. where was the interactive part? It was basically just a video with clothing advertised. Ho-hum.

  4. At any rate, please keep us posted as to how many more hits than usual you got with “hot lesbo action”…sneaky bastard.
    PS more micro blogging please.

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