Monique Davis is frightened of telling children the truth.


11 comments on “Monique Davis is frightened of telling children the truth.

  1. Well, Olberman may be more or less on my side, but he’s a gasbag as much as Rush and O’Reilly, which irks me royally. He does tend to have fact on his side more, but as you said (or as I interpret it)he uses his forum to define himself rather than fight the good fight. This is what pisses me off as well about Michael Moore. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard about Moore (or Olberman)”okay, he’s bombastic, but so what, so are they”.


  2. I’m sure there’s a lot of office politics at play, as to what Olbermann et al say on air, but I totally agree with you about Michael Moore.

  3. I liked Olberman at the beginning, but he’s taking himself too seriously. That threatens anyone’s credibility. It’s too much about him lately and that overshadows the story (which is often a good one).

  4. It’s almost like he’s link bating. He knows he’ll make the front page of digg if he just gets righteously indignant enough about (insert issue here). Then he moves on.

  5. Okay, this is something that would have irked me even while i was a CHILD at a private lutheran school. One of the facts that makes America so wonderful is freedom of and FROM religion. I have always disagreed with mixing government and religion because I knew, as a child, it was bad voodoo.

    When I heard the recording the other day, I was trying to wrap my mind around this… she started to tell him he had b etter things to do with his time, like fighting GUNS in our schools… then it was his philosophy to dangerous, and somehow she wrapped back to how it was dangerous to children. WHAT? Did she just try to link atheism with guns in the schools and kids getting shocked? Or was that the ramblings of a woman who is so mad on the narcotics of religion that she really doesn’t make any sense at ALL? And then she has the audacity to tell him to leave?

    If she said this about a Jew’s religion, or a muslim, or a hindi, or a buddhist — she would be politically HANGED!

  6. What’s really grim is that the civil rights movement in the US is so tied to religion. It was a lifesaver many years ago (like sanctuary in the church in the middle ages, and believe me, the south in the US in the early/mid 20th century WAS the middle ages) but it has played itself out. Now it only serves to serve sanctimony. And screw black candidates.

  7. I must clarify that last sentence. I mean that sanctimony screws black candidates. (Not “oh, screw black candidates. “) Because I really in my heart want to see Obama win for the sake of the whole world. I would love to see how the third world would react to his winning the presidency in November. I truly in my heart think it would be a blast of light for the whole universe to see a black man as president of the US. Fingers crossed.

  8. The very fact that you had to hastily clarify that is a good example of how far we have to go. I knew what you meant anyway – but I’m not American.

  9. I knew what you meant right away, too, and i’m american, but i’m sure being white somehow makes me racist.

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