This is Chloe Marshall and I think she’s beautiful

Miss England contestant Chloe Marshall has been criticised for having a normal body shape.

When is the fashion industry going to wake up and realise how dangerous it is to insist on telling young girls that looking emaciated is normal? Sure, Chloe here likes a pie or three. Who doesn’t?

I’m sick and tired of the healthy living police behaving as if their shit don’t stink because they obsess over themselves for not looking like a photoshop creation, when they look in the mirror; and who’s only way of lashing out at their own inner ugliness is to impose unrealistic expectations on everyone else.

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23 comments on “This is Chloe Marshall and I think she’s beautiful

  1. We should all get together on this and raise some page impression numbers in the blog-o-sphere. People need to know that normal people are attracted to other normal people and not stick thin, Photoshop Barbie dolls.

  2. She’s really brave for taking the first step into accepting woman the way they really are. It’s alright to sit and moan about the situation, but she’s actually going out there to aim to change it.

  3. I am in email conversation with Monica Grenfell at the moment. I hope that she will give permission to publish it. However, let me just say that she does not see the error of her ways!

  4. I’m not from England, but this story was passed through one of my groups and I truely hope she goes far if not all the way in the competition. I also hope that what she is doing will be passed on to everyone and maybe change attitudes about plus sized. I’m sure most places have the same lame brained people who critcise people for having normal sized bodies rather than the stick figures that have brainwashed many of what a real woman is supposed to look like (whether being hollywood, beauty pagents, etc…)… I hope she goes very far!!!!

  5. Take a look at the movie stars from the 40’s, 50’s and even 60’s. Virtually none of those women were as stick figured as the actresses today. Certainly there’s an obesity epidemic (take it from someone who needs to lose 20 pounds for medical reasons)but I suspect the unrealistic models paraded in front of our eyes day after day are only contributing to this. How can any young woman have a good body image when all she see’s are Barbies come to life?

  6. HELLO PPL, she id OVERWEIGHT!!!!!!

    Not healthy!!!!

    (you don’t know what’s wors, size 0, or size 16)

  7. I’m ok with the fact that we are showing normal sized women in a positive light I do however take issue that some, particularly in the fat acceptance movement have decided to portray REAL WOMEN meaning overweight women, superior, a more sexy than thinner women. This is pretty annoying. Is anyone out there portraying fat men as REAL MEN?

  8. Interestingly, “real” when combined with women, is supposed to convey a meaning more akin to ‘reality, this is how women are really shaped for health/childbearing reasons’. To assume these model waifs are normal is UNrealistic, hence the opposite, “real” used to describe Chloe.

    When I read “real” combined with men, especially in the context unfatblog writes, it comes across meaning more “strong” and “courageous”, like a Trojan Man commercial jingle.

    “Real” women or “real” men are not supposed to be superior because they, in Jim’s words, like to eat a few pies. This isn’t about superiority. It’s about self-acceptance, and having some esteem that is NOT centered to your bone mass.

    Look, staying healthy is important, and can be an important feature of esteem, but if my main source of value come from the shape of my body, i’d be screwed once i hit 30, or had a baby, or heaven forbid suffered an injury, etc. The acceptance movement is meant to encourage more viable forms of self-love than the size of your clothes, which I think is balanced and mentally healthy.

    And, frankly, I vastly prefer men who have some squish. As far as ‘reality’ goes, they have it hands down– they can eat a few pies, and have far more interesting hobbies than egg whites, biceps, protein powders, etc.

  9. I couldn’t agree more with Kimmy, and Unfatblog is right to say that there are certain people out there who have somewhat hijacked Chloe’s message. There are, believe it or not, people out there who think that it’s normal to feed yourself to death. This is not what Chloe is about – she is about standing up to the sorts of people who edit magazines, and control the fashion industry on a lie; that the definition of normal is dangerously underweight.

  10. Good on you mate. I know many a man who would chase her around without any hesitation. And those that would hesitate, they must be blind. She is a beautiful lass, and you can see that beauty from her eyes, to her beautiful figure.

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