Daniel_K, you’re a God

Remember what I said about third party software / hardware vendors knowing in advance of its release that Windows Vista wouldn’t be working properly?

Well Daniel_K, a Brazilian coder who used Creative Labs sound cards, wasn’t happy with the fact that his X-Fi card didn’t work as well with Vista as it did with Windows XP – so he wrote a patch for the driver and put it on the internet.

h8282.jpgLet me just say that again. A guy in his bedroom made a product from Creative Labs work with Vista, even though they could not, or would not. That is until they brought out a newer version, which existing customers had to pay more money for. Are you seeing the pattern yet?

So, what did Creative do to reward this ingenious young man – who’d been using their products for years? Oh, nothing much. Apart from sending him a cease and desist and the threat of legal action for stealing. You know, the usual friendly banter that takes place between a customer and a huge corporation.

Well Daniel_K has broken his silence in this article for wired. See what you think about using Creative’s products, much less switching to Vista, after reading this…



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