How to create your own Sony Ericsson k800i theme using Mac OS X

editormacsony-ericsson-k800i.pngLasyk’s myThemeCreator is a nifty little tool for quickly putting together your own theme for your Sony Ericsson k800i Cybershot cell phone.

If it’s on the screen, you can change the way it behaves, using nothing more than your photo editing software of choice and a little patience.

Since the 3D graphics handling of the handset itself is so nifty, any image element on the screen can be either a straight forward JPG, as well as PNG and Flash SWF – for added flashy menu highlighters and backgrounds.

You can even add into your theme a ring tone and an alert sound and output the project as a .thm file, to share with other k800i users, over on the excellent, which also features themes, screen savers, games and editors for numerous other handsets from Nokia and Sony Ericsson.



5 comments on “How to create your own Sony Ericsson k800i theme using Mac OS X

  1. I had a Sony Ericsson a few years ago which was great for making your own themes on.
    I’ve now got a Samsung which is the worst phone ever. You have to press four different buttons just to get an apostrophe. And you don’t even get a notepad.

  2. I now use an iPhone, but there are many things about the simplicity of the k800i I miss. The camera was amazing and its ability to upload to many image hosting sites was really useful. It’s still a really great phone to this day and I can’t honestly think of too many other handsets which you can say that about so many years after first being launched. If I had to go back to using one I wouldn’t be disappointed at all. In between the iPhone and the k800i, I had a BlackBerry Curve and it was utterly useless and three times more expensive.

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