Mahhh. Now that’s interesting! has a maximum file size limit, which stretches the definition of ‘limit’ to the max. Five, count ’em, FIVE giggle bites!

I think this might be a good way to get HGIT Live Podcasts out, using BitTorrent as a back-up for past episodes.



5 comments on “Mahhh. Now that’s interesting!

  1. Brilliant. Even a tech retard like me (or better, a slow learner like me) knows that this is the way things are going to go.

    Media companies, executives, whatever, get ready. Life is going to go on without you.

    I think I told you this ages ago in a private email Jim, but if I didn’t whatever:

    In early 2001, I had a student who was the Managing Director in Spain for a European multinational dedicated to cinemas (the old fashioned movie theater). Well, one day I went to class prepared with a New York Times article about how the conventional cinema owners were going to have to get ready for a world where people were going to download, legally or illegally, movies from the web. And this article specifically mentioned a seminar on this very topic, that was going to be held at the film festival in Cannes, where my student was going to be the following week.
    But when I took out the article and tried to get my student to read it, he (literally)waved it away with his hand, saying, disdainfully, “People in Spain will NEVER do that.”

    They do. in droves. And surprisingly, he’s still in the same job. And the Spanish movie theater industry is shitting itself because they had the worst year in history last year. They blame it on the control Hollywood has on worldwide cinema, how people aren’t interested in going to see Spanish movies. I say, you twits….

  2. Wrong, Helloblog. I think this is one of those minor bits of news that, 5 years down the line, people will smack their heads and go, “Why didn’t we pay attention?”. Like when they announced things like “search engines” or “file sharing”.

  3. Okay, it is quite interesting, but it’s still not the most interesting fact i’ve ever heard. Did you know that in summer, Wallnuts get a tan?

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