This week I are been mostly listening to..

Queen: Live Killers.viu1185211495v.jpg

There was a phase back there when it was cool to say you liked Queen, without really knowing what the band was all about. It all started when the Fredster died and every rock-star of the now appeared at an AIDS awareness gig in his name.

Mighty though Fred was, it was the whole band’s sound that got me into Queen when I was 10 or 11 and ‘Live Killers’ was the album. ‘Keep yourself alive’, ‘Now I’m here’, ‘Spread your wings’, ‘Brighton Rock’, ‘Let me Entertain You’ – all staggering performances of songs most people who think Queen were all about ‘Another one bites the dust’ and ‘Radio Ga Ga’ just haven’t heard of.

What’s your favourite Queen song?

Buy Live Killers on iTunes now!


2 comments on “This week I are been mostly listening to..

  1. My uncle paid a few hundred pounds for a signed Queen CD.
    Everyone in my family thinks he’s a bit mental for doing so, but to be honest, I can see he’s a sensible guy.
    Why? Because he has no kids, so he can afford to buy luxuries like that.

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