Sky news is just as bad as Fox

skynewsisjustasbadasfox.pngThey’ve got as much good taste as you’d expect from anything to do with Rupert Mudoch. The headline opposite, from today’s, mirrors the spin the TV channel is putting on the tragic death of a man who suffered from depression.

The inquiry into the sudden death of police chief Michael Todd has said that he was not excessively drunk when he decided to take his own life, while walking in Wales earlier this week. Yet Sky is reporting that he was “over the drink drive limit”.

The fact that he was not in control of a vehicle when he died, must mean that this additional twisting of the information, has been deliberately added by Sky News editorial; presumably so as to pander to the “good enough for him” brigade, who rejoice when a police officer, dedicated to doing a very difficult job is killed.

Sky have also over-emphasised that he was having an affair with a colleague. How this does anything to ease the grief of his family or add anything to the public interest element of the story is beyond me.

Rupert Murdoch is the man who’s “news” papers sprawled headlines insinuating that Madeline McCann’s mother might have had something to do with the infant’s disappearance last year, right next to zoom lens shots of the woman just as she happened to be bending over in a loose fitting top.

Murdoch’s Sky News is the British sister channel to the infamous spin machine Fox News, in the US. Another headline from today is the security alert at Heathrow airport. Anyone watching exclusively Sky’s coverage of the event would be forgiven for thinking green protesters were to blame for the ensuing chaos involved in closing the world’s busiest air terminal.

Expert after expert was rolled out to second guess who the “asian in appearance” man who attempted to climb a perimeter fence carrying a rucksack might have been. The BBC on the other hand were, as Sky continued to guess, reporting the facts. That there were no explosives found in the bags.

And yet we carry on watching. Fox / Sky rake in millions of pounds in advertising every year. Why, it is truly beyond me, do we as a nation put up with this third rate lazy journalism?


One comment on “Sky news is just as bad as Fox

  1. This is why some so called real journalists complain about bloggers being unqualified. Because bloggers can carry on when the networks keep on broadcasting lies and crap. The old mainstream media keeps on fucking up and time after time the blogs uncover the truth. Yes, there are blogs that are crap. but time will tell, and I mean time. The people who know how to research and post will win, at least for a while.

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