Microsoft Executive: “I wouldn’t buy Windows with someone else’s money”

windowsvistacapable20.jpgRemember on the old blog when I wrote an article on why only fan boys would be buying Windows Vista? Turns out Microsoft agree.

The New York Times has this great piece on the e-mails which have come to light in a lawsuit which revolves around the use of terms like “Vista Capable” on machines being sold by the large American retailers like WalMart and Dell.

The e-mails detail the progression Microsoft’s marketing machine took from basically telling the truth about machines which are sufficiently well equipped to display the basic interface graphics, to out and out lies about machines which are simply incapable of doing what Windows XP had done with ease.

The decision to drop the original hardware requirements is accompanied by considerable internal protest. The minimum hardware configuration was set so low that “even a piece of junk will qualify,” Anantha Kancherla, a Microsoft program manager, said in an internal e-mail message among those recently unsealed, adding, “It will be a complete tragedy if we allowed it.”

People who know far more about these things than I do, are already saying that Vista will be the last of big operating systems from Microsoft. That instead, in the future, they will concentrate on what they do best; office and acquisitions. With Bill Gates out the way, once he trades his day to day duties at the company he created at the end of this year, to spend more time on spending his billions in parts of the world where his creativity and vision is needed, I wouldn’t be surprised if Vista actually marks the end of Microsoft making an operating system at all.


3 comments on “Microsoft Executive: “I wouldn’t buy Windows with someone else’s money”

  1. One of the places I teach from time to time finally replaced the 10 year old computer in the teachers’ room*(didn’t even have a USB port). With a PC. With Vista. That no one can figure out. We think it’s sabotage to drive us out of there.

    *Everyone else in the institution – The boss, administrators, secretaries, the librarian – has a Mac. Get it?

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