Not long now

thatcher.jpgI’ve waited all my life to say this – but the count down has begun.

The “lady” who gave us record unemployment and the devastation of the working classes, the face you’d never tire of kicking, former prime minister Margaret Thatcher is finally on the way out.

You young-uns should brace yourselves for endless tributes to how great she was, being spunked all over your telly box – when she does eventually go. I say brace yourself, because all of it is complete shite. She was not the best thing that ever happened to this country. Nor did she single-handedly fight off the wicked Argentines in the Falklands – soldiers did, and very brave ones at that – who she deliberately put in harms way to coincide with a general election she would almost certainly have lost, were it not for the baffling confusion we Brits have always made between patriotism and idiocy.

After being kicked out of her own party for being a C word you don’t normally use in front of females, she sat on the board of the Philip Morris Tobacco company – the Marlboro brand which gave the world the Nicotine added pressed leaf, for that extra addictive and carcinogenic full flavour.

Stay tuned for more Thatcher facts, interspersed with pictures of fluffy animals – Woo and Yay!


2 comments on “Not long now

  1. When you say she sat on the board of the Philip Morris Tobacco company, does that mean she’s half responsible for Marlboros?

    God bless that iron hearted bitch.

  2. Love you, helloblog. Yr wise beyond your years.

    And don’t miss on the Guardian website, Michelle Hanson`s latest entry where she basically trashes Thatcher and anyone who would mourn her. I don’t have time to post the link but I’m sure you can find it. Gotta go.

    Yikes, James, you were missed.

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